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Surviving as a Small Nonprofit in a Pandemic

These Facebook Live classes have truly been a God send! Have you had a chance to catch one of our Thursday night, Deaf taught ASL (American Sign Language) lessons? When Covid-19 first impacted us in March of 2020, I really had to pray and ask "Ok Lord, what now? Deaf Heartbeat had already been through so much but I just knew that God had a plan.

HE had sustained Deaf Heartbeat during the transition of my sister, Roxanne and our team member, Mary moving to Texas. They are a huge part of our ministry and I had no idea if our nonprofit would survive. But we did! Our in person classes continued to meet. We were able to add additional Deaf Teachers, Chrissy James and Janeth Barahona. Interpreters Monique Tann and Teresa Johnson were added to the team. All this goes to show that God makes a way when we don't see one and I knew without a doubt HE would do it again.

The pandemic really pushed our ministry to the next level. We were forced to think outside of the box and get outside of our comfort zone of just being a local, community class. Adding the Facebook Live element has allowed our Deaf teachers to participate no matter their location. This added element has greatly grown our online presence. Our ASL classes are now world wide! Our group has grown from 40 in person to almost 4,000 online with views of over 15,000 per class!

There are blessings in storms (pandemics). You just have to be open for the opportunity and be willing to say YES.

Congratulations on your ASL journey. What ever level you may be at. You have the HEART and that is what is required to bridge the gap between the Hearing and the Deaf.

Serving and learning together,

Selina Nichols

Deaf Heartbeat ASL, Founder & CEO

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