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2022, What a Year!

Happiest of New Years to you, Deaf Heartbeat Framily! 2022, you were sure good to us as a Nonprofit! So many blessings this past year that are helping us get closer to our goal of uniting families and friends with American Sign Language. Here's what we've been up to!

  • Our Wednesday night, Deaf taught American Sign Language Classes have become a favorite! So many folks are learning! Our teachers, Roxanne Hoy (pictured left) and Mary Castro (pictured right) work hard year-round to prepare a weekly ASL curriculum and a fun interactive 30-minute lesson.

  • 26 Students, Friends and Family members chose Deaf Heartbeat ASL as their Facebook Birthday Fundraiser! These funds help us tremendously! Even small nonprofits, like ours have bills. Your support helps us cover operating expenses and helps us to bless other likeminded associations.

  • Deaf Heartbeat loves when we get the opportunity to share Deaf awareness and encourage others to learn American Sign Language! Our ASL Performance Team was thrilled to be invited back for the fourth time to Telic Empowerment's All Ability Art Fundraiser. This time we were excited to be able to provide access to the entire event! A huge thank you goes to our volunteer Interpreter, Gayle Sutton (pictured second from right), and a special thanks to our photographer, Virginia Pate (not pictured).

  • We were excited to donate American Sign Language books for all ages to Little Free Libraries in Georgia, Florida and Texas! Thanks to your support we are spreading Deaf awareness in our communities!

  • We established the group, Griffin ASL Moms with Littles! It's a way to combine my love of uniting families with American Sign Language and meet local women!Had a blast fellowshipping with friends and painting at the ASL Interpreted Christmas Paint Party! Super big thanks to our volunteer Interpreter, Faith Peavey and the Sketching Pad for providing opportunities for nonprofits like Deaf Heartbeat ASL to fundraise!

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