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Learning to Sign Changed This Mom's DeafNation Experience

DeafNation 2015

My sister, Roxanne had just moved to live with us in Georgia. Mckenzie and I didn’t know Sign Language then. We used "home" signs and texting on our phones to "get by". Our family was eager to support Roxanne. I must admit it was a bit intimidating walking into DeafNation though. We had never experienced an almost completely silent event like this. The vendors and performers were Deaf. Conversations in sign happening all around us. The look on my sister's face was priceless. Pure joy. She was home. She was with her people. I felt like I understood, for just a moment, how she must feel being in a Hearing World. The script was flipped. THIS time, Roxanne interpreted for us. WE were the ones to just smile and nod. So grateful to Roxanne for being patient teaching us sign language and our timing to learn.

Fast forward to present day.

DeafNation 2022

Look at me now! Going to DeafNation without my Deaf sister interpreting for me. I still get nervous, but I'm out here trying. And you know what? If felt really great! Maveric and I saw friends, made purchases from Deaf vendors, and even asked another mom, that just so happened to be Deaf, if she would mind taking our picture. We "chatted" a bit about our babies. It felt good to be able to understand, to relate to this Momma. To not see her as a Deaf woman, but as simply a woman.

Wow! Life is full of experiences. Looking forward to the next DeafNation and recognizing the growth the time in between will bring.

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