The Deaf Heartbeat Story


    My sister, Roxanne was diagnosed as Deaf at the age of 2. Our mother and father who are both Hearing did not pursue American Sign Language. We developed our own “Home Sign Language” to communicate. As an adult, I (Selina) knew this was no longer acceptable. I took it upon myself to take ASL classes and dive into Deaf Culture. The relationship between my sister and I flourished. We no longer had a language barrier. Finally, we could joke, reminisce and fully understand each other.

    Our desire is to unite families in this same way. We began as a small class at our church and have grown to a nonprofit Ministry. Deaf Heartbeat aims to bless others by teaching ASL and to raise Deaf Awareness!


Our Mission

To educate and promote Deaf awareness and ultimately bridge the gap between the Hearing and the Deaf, giving God all the glory.

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Our Vision

To create a world where the Deaf can live without communication barriers and the Hearing are educated about Deaf culture.

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